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Traditional grey Lino - A5 (14.85 x 21cm)- pack of 3


Pack of A5 (14.85 x 21cm) traditional “battleship” grey lino.


This is the only lino that is completely biodegradable so is the most eco-friendly.


This is the hardest of the lino surfaces and does need to be warmed up before carving. That said it is lovely to carve into and allows for an exceptional level of detail.


The surface can print well if very lightly sanded before carving your design.

If not you might have to do a few test prints before being able to hand print a solid layer over the surface.


Please note - the lino will stain slightly after printing but this does not affect future prints.


Traditional grey Lino - A5 (14.85 x 21cm) - pack of 3

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