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★ All the enjoyment of printing without using sharp tools and using a familiar "pencil" grip.  Print your design using water based printing inks applied with a roller or ink stamp pads (eg Versafine or Veraclaire). Print over and over on paper or fabric.


★ The polystyrene (poly) blocks/ tiles are easy to mark with  pencil and pen, draw or trace onto the surface or prick out a design and join the dots.  You can create thick lines or fine lines both print equally well.

★ The A5 blocks are thick enought to be used on both sides


★ No sharp tools are needed so suitable and tested with children as young as 3.  But equally enjoyable as an adult.

★ Polyblocks can be used to print on fabric as well as paper and card


★  2 sizes available A4 (thin) and A5 (thick).  Both can be cut into smaller sizes.

Polyblock tile pack. Block printing without sharp tools. A5 thick version

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