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100mm Fabric  roller/brayer Fabric printing ONLY genuine ESSDEE


This medium sized Essdee fabric roller/ brayer is an excellent choice for Fabric printing and any other 3D surfaces.  They are more expensive than the red rubber rollers.


It provides a beautifully soft and spongy surface that absorbs any fabric printing inks well.


This is my favourite of all fabric rollers I have tried and is excellent value for money when compared to the few others brands on the market.


The clarity and crispness of each block printed design I print using this roller still amazes me. This roller is slightly more challenging to clean than other harder printing rollers/ brayers.


I generally leave it submerged in water for a little while before cleaning as it does absorb far more ink during printing.


FABRIC ROLLER /brayer by ESSDEE - 100mm

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