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Anna & Raymond

"Hannah has the ability to explain, demonstrate and transfer her skills in a workshop environment.  The Lino printing workshop was an excellent introduction to this craft and whilst taking home some impressive greeting cards, we also took home the enthusiasm to improve on skills learned and the confidence to build on them.  The workshop was extremely well organised with plenty of support and encouragement underpinned with an array of additional tools and "short-cuts".  An excellent event, well worth the money."


Lino Carving Starter Kit


"I bought this kit as a present for my husband who had never done any carving, but had become interested in printing following a drop-in session in our town.  The kit is amazing!  Incredibly good value for money, you need nothing else to test out your skill and enthusiasm for lino carving and printing.  Not only is there a selection of carving tools, types of lino and the basics to print on but also instructions for a good range of projects.  All instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  There is the basis level to get you going, but also two additional projects increasing in complexity, but nonetheless, easy to follow.  With the three primary colours and black and white, there is no limit to your colour range!  This is an excellent kit for anyone who wants to have a go.  Hannah's workshops are also excellent!"

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