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Soft blue lino - A6 (10.5cm x 14.85 cm) - pack of 3

Soft blue lino - A5 (14.85 x 21cm) - pack of 3


Pack of A6 (10.5cm x 14.85 cm) soft blue lino.

Pack of A5 (14.85 x 21cm) soft blue lino


This soft lino is a breeze to carve into.


You can draw and trace images directly onto it and the level of detail you can carve makes this lino a brilliant choice for any relief carvings.


The lino’s surface takes ink well and prints beautifully time and again, whether you are hand printing or putting it through a press.


Please note - the lino will stain slightly after printing but this does not affect future prints.

Soft blue lino - pack of 3 (A5 or A6 size)

PriceFrom £5.00
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