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★ This fantastic kit contains everything you and your child need to make a series of amazing prints, using child safe polystyrene tiles and water-based printing inks. It keeps children creatively occupied for hours!

★ Have fun and learn about block printing WITHOUT the need for standard sharp carving tools.

★ The polystyrene (poly) blocks/ tiles are easy to mark with the included pencil and pen. No sharp tools are needed so the kit is suitable and tested with children as young as 3. But equally enjoyable as an adult.

★ The kit items can be used over and over again - all you need is more polystyrene sheets/blocks.

★ Start by printing on the included cards and coloured card sheets, blend your colours and create beautiful designs.

★ Polyblocks can be used to print on fabric as well as paper and card

★Contains double sided instruction sheets giving info on how to draw and print, including lots of colour photos.

★ Comes in a kraft card gift box

Each kit contains:


Double sided A4 instruction sheet complete with ideas for using the kit.

Fully illustrated with colour photos showing how you/your child can use the kit
4 x square sheets of polyblock (approx. 15cmx 15cm) and 4 rectangles (approx. 15cm x 6cm)
1 x 60mm printmaking roller to spread the ink
3 x 30ml tins of washable water-based printing ink in vibrant primary colours
1 x A5 ink tay
3 x wooden sticks to transfer the ink onto the palette
5 x blank cards and envelopes to do your first prints
6 x A5 variety pack of coloured card for printing
Pencil and biro for mark-making

★ Carefully packed in a kraft box and shipped in appropriate packaging

★ Tried and happily tested by under 10 years olds (see front cover label for some of their work)

Please contact me if you have any questions.
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All artwork copyright © SubmergeArt 2020. Artwork may not be reproduced by any process without my permission.

Poly block printing craft kit for kids with everything you need to get creative

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