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★ Fabric (textile) printing craft kit containing step by step instructions to help you create and carve your own designs and gain confidence in lino printing onto fabric from the comfort of your own home. Unlike other kits contains everything you need to successfully create your lino block prints and transfer them onto your fabric. The type and quality of roller is particularly important with fabric printing - you can't just use any roller and expect good results ... and yes the fabric rollers (brayers) do cost a lot more.

★ The kit is designed for a beginner in lino printing, or for someone that is keen to continue their printmaking journey

★ Contains a robust roller specifically designed for fabric printing

★ Contains an additional mark making starter project designed to help you learn to use the carving tools provided

★ Kit has a blank cotton tote bag for printing your design (and an off cut of cotton to practice on first)

★ Kit designed and made by me; a UK based Art and Design teacher and avid printmaker who loves nothing more than teaching others to share in my love of carving and printmaking.

★ Each Lino kit is handmade by me in my studio in Cornwall and all items in the kit are ones used and recommended by me in my own printmaking and teaching practice.

★ Option to add another Tote Bag or a coloured cotton Drawstring bag (38x43cm) ready for printing

★ This would make an excellent present to give to someone who enjoys arts and crafts and can also be an amazingly enjoyable activity to do with friends or teenage children and younger ones (if supervised whilst carving)

★ This kit contains sharp tools so please only use unsupervised if you are 12+ years old. For those younger than 12, parental supervision is a must!


Each kit contains:

Instruction booklet with colour pictures to guide you through printing on fabric

1 x white soft carve lino block 2 sided so you can use both sides

1x Mastercut soft cut lino - thin square block

1 x off cut of lino (practice using cutting blades)

1 x anti-slip safety mat to use when carving

1 x student lino cutting tool handle

5 x blades for lino cutting (in matchbox) with instructions

1 x genuine Essdee high quality fabric printing ink roller (brayer)

1 x inking tray

5 x (30ml) tins water based fabric printing ink - yellow, red, blue and black and white

1 x plastic inking spatula (to apply and mix inks)

1 x cotton off cut (for practice printing)

1 x cotton tote bag - blank ready to print your design(s) onto

1 x mark making practice sheet instructions

1x ink stamp pad (for practice prints)

1 x graph paper (for pattern design)

1 x tracing paper


★ Carefully packed and shipped in appropriate packaging


Please contact me if you have any questions.


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All artwork copyright © SubmergeArt 2020. Artwork may not be reproduced by any process without my permission.

Fabric printing craft kit with genuine Essdee fabric roller

PriceFrom £45.00
  • This product in intended for age 12+ (without Supervision)

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