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Workshops for Schools

As a qualified teacher and artist, I am really passionate about sharing my printmaking experiences with others especially children and young people who I find a joy to work with because of their enthusiasm and passion for learning.


I run printmaking workshops at primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. I all necessary equipment including a small printing press, specialist water based ink, printing paper and all other tools required which can be added to the cost of the session or I will be happy to use facilities provided by the school if agreed beforehand.

I will provide a fun, creative, experimental day for students as they discover the printmaking process and I am happy to work with staff to follow curriculum to work on specific projects that they may have in mind.


I am happy to develop and agree a plan with teachers for the workshop which will provide students with the opportunity to develop drawings and then to experiment with these through the different traditional printmaking processes such as monoprinting, block printing and fabric printing

olympics paper rod scultures st martins 2012 2.JPG
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